AIM network member Ormston House 'faces possible closure'
Monday, 23 July, 2018

Ormston House located in Limerick, Ireland is the latest member space of AIM Network. It opened in 2011 as a Cultural Resource Centre in the heart of the city with the three pillars of their programme being artistic ambition, professional development and public/community engagement and is run on voluntary basis.

We would like to direct your attention and support to Ormston House at this very moment as they face possible closure by losing their venue. AIM Network would like to declare our full support for Ormston House and we hope that the city council will secure the venue in order for this highly professional local art hub to continue their work.

They have over the years contributed to promoting contemporary Irish art locally and internationally and have been a valuable player in the independent artist-run sector. Supermarket - Stockholm Independent Art Fair had the pleasure to host the space several times and they took part in many active and relevant discussions. Grass-roots initiatives as such are vital for a functioning civic society.

Read more on and you can also contact them on or join in the support on Twitter.

Despite the difficulties they have to face, Ormston House was selected for the Creative Europe Co-operation Projects 2018 with their partners from the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (Poland), Fablevision (Scotland), Intercult (Sweden), the Municipality of Livadia (Greece), and the Municipality of Ostende (Belgium). We send our big congratulations!